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Notarization Musts-

  • The document signer must personally appear face to face before the Notary at the time of notarization– not before – not later.

  • The Notary must positively identify each & every document signer by reliable identification, by credible witness, or through personal knowledge to prevent forgery.

  • The Notary must be an impartial and disinterested party to the transaction & in the performance of their duties.

  • The Notary must not notarize or certify a copy of a birth certificate or other vital record despite what someone may have been told by a travel agency or airline.

  • The Notary must speak a common language with the document signer & not use an interpreter.

  • The Notary must make a record in their journal of each notarial act & have each document signer sign the entry at the time of notarization to protect the document signer’s legal interests.

  • The Notary must hold and scan each document for completeness, blank spaces, as well as the type of document & notarization for recording in their journal

    *We cannot give any legal advice, as we are not attorneys.   (see Notary Pledge of Ethical Practice )

      Remember  -   Each person needs to have government-issued photo ID available at 


    An acceptable Form of Identification is a current document issued by a federal or state government
    containing the bearer’s picture, physical description and signature.

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